Thursday, February 5, 2009

RSU audit: scope narrows, price tag balloons

The Ryerson Free Press has just learned that the initial price tag for the audit of RSU will be at least $85,000. The audit was imposed on the RSU by RyeChange executive candidates Dana Houssein, Osman Hamid, Abdul Snobar and their supporters currently on the RSU board. We have to admit that this whole thing seems a little fishy, especially the administration's willingness to fund this grandiose expenditure based on unsubstantiated allegations by one slate in the RSU election. Interestingly, even though the initial allegations by Snobar and company focused on financial matters, the audit's scope has been narrowed to look only at election procedures and the RSU's health plan. No longer caring about the $400,000 that Snobar alleged was missing from the RSU, he now claims that this change in scope is all he ever wanted in the first place.

Michael Parent, a representative of Deloitte and Touche and former executive director of the Humber Students' Federation, is coordinating the audit. An initial opinion was expected today, just two business days before the RSU election begins. Did we say this whole thing sounds fishy? Stay tuned.

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Bre said...

I want to congratulate the Ryerson Free Press for its work on the potential impact of the RSU elections. You should know that people are reading this website, someone even cut and paste the text of this article on the RyeChange website. My boyfriend took a screen shot, it's near the bottom:

He has also been trying to ask simple questions, but the RyeChange team will not post them. See his message which has been left unapproved for days now: